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Premium Wandern
Saarland mit grenzenlosem Charme
Wandern im St. Wendeler Land
Five premium hiking trails in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the Saar-Hunsrück nature park offer hikers in the St. Wendel area a chance to get back to nature.

The Tiefenbach path in St. Wendel offers up nature at its best. The 15-kilometer track wanders across the slopes of the 485-meter-high Bosenberg, along streams, and through small V-shaped valleys with rustic footbridges. The trail offers wonderful views over the beautiful hilly landscape of the St. Wendel countryside. On the way you'll find plenty of places to rest in idyllic locations. The tour starts at the Wendelinushof in St. Wendel, near the mission house.

The Weiselberg-Gipfeltour (Weiselberg peak tour) starts in Oberkirchen, and you could probably call it "rocky". The tour is 15 kilometers long and leads you around the Weiselberg (569 m). The beech forests, awash with light, afford hikers lovely views. Mighty rock formations in the formerly volcanic landscape, and natural valleys surrounded by meadows, fields, and forests, make this hiking trail an unforgettable experience.

The 15-kilometer-long Rötelsteinpfad (red chalk path) gets its name from the local rocks, used by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The name also refers to the old Oberthal tradition of digging for and trading in red chalk. The tour starts at the church in Güdesweiler and leads you through the "Oberthaler Bruch" moor landscape, which is protected by nature conservation laws, and the Nahe valley. One of the highlights of the Rötelsteinpfad is the path over the Momberg, which runs past a hill fort from the Celtic era that can still be seen today. Boundary stones signal the long and changeable history of the region.

The diverse trails of the 5-Weiher-Tour (5-pond tour) in St. Wendel-Winterbach lead you through forests and open fields. The name of the 12-kilometer hiking trail comes from the ponds around the path. The flora and fauna of the ponds, which are idyllically situated at the forest edge, offer something special for the hiker. Along this old Roman road, you can enjoy the view of the Schaumberg.

The Offizierspfad Imsbach (Imsbach officer's trail) in Tholey-Theley is the newest path to be classified as a premium hiking trail by the Deutsches Wanderinstitut (German Hiking Institute). This trail, with a total length of 11.5 kilometers, takes its name from the history of the Imsbach estate. The Offizierspfad leads through extensive forest landscapes along the former border of the Saar Protectorate with the German Reich. On the way, you pass many historical boundary stones, as well as the red chalk area between Theley and Selbach. Stunning views across the Schaumberg countryside are afforded the hiker, from the high forest through to the Freisener Höhe. Historic cultural sites along the way are the Imsbach estate and the Johann-Adams-Mühle near Theley, one of the last mill estates in Saarland, which is a good place for a comfortable break.

Peace and quiet can be found on the four pilgrim trails across the St. Wendel countryside. On these paths, you'll find plaques for quiet reflection, which offer texts on the topic of "journeys" for contemplation and meditation. In addition to the Wendelinus pilgrim trail, there are also three circular tracks, the Wendelius-Rundweg, the Marien-Rundweg, and the Mauritius-Rundweg. Benches can be found at beautiful lookout points, idyllic locations, and historic sites, and some of them are supplemented by large natural stones from the local area.

Multiple themed hiking trails, such as the Skulpturenstraße (sculpture path) or Planetenwanderweg (planets hiking trail), and cross-regional hiking paths, such as the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig (Saar-Hunsrück hill climb) or the Blies hiking trail round off the hiking possibilities in the St. Wendel area.
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